Monday, August 31, 2015

15 conditions that NeuroFeedback is often very successful in treating— oh yeah, I forgot to mention—memory! (That’s a little NF/NeuroFeedback humor.)

This list is not numbered, nor is it in any order.  Not even alphabetical.  Ha—even if one has a bit of OCD, and wants very much for it to be ranked in descending order. 

Someone you know and love is suffering from one or more of these conditions.  Out of the three basic approaches to supporting a healthy brain, those being medication, talk therapy and NeuroFeedback, these particular issues have been particularly responsive to NF. 

Postpartum Depression
Seizure Disorders
Addictive Behavior
Emotional Dysregulation
Brain Injury
Migraine Headaches
And—Memory Development

Your brain is basically an electrical generator.  Like the engine of a fine Tesla automobile. 

And this generator stimulates your actions and reactions, your thoughts and emotions.  Have you ever noticed yourself stuck in a “tape loop”?  A recurring thought that keeps replaying like a bad dream?  Or have you found yourself jumping from thought to thought like someone changing the channel with the remote, so fast you didn’t even get to see if a decent or engaging program was airing because you were on to the next thing?  Those are common examples of a dysregulated brain.  And that is exactly what NeuroFeedback treats.  So when my white Honda CRV gets a bit dysregulated, I take it to a mechanic.

Alas, this is not my mechanic!  I go to a trusted, trained, certified mechanic:

 He uses diagnostic equipment to measure performance, before he corrects the timing or the firing mechanisms so my car once again operates smoothly and safely. 
What is the biggest misconception or fear about NeuroFeedback?  Many patients (or parents of patients) wonder, “Is NeuroFeedback putting electrical current INTO my brain?” 
No.  It’s only measuring the output.  Just like the mechanic’s diagnostic equipment.  Passively measuring and reporting.

The electrodes taped lightly on your head and earlobe are painless, they are merely measuring.  You watch your choice of one of the 20 videos.  Each one contains imagery that morphs or dissolves from one scene to another.  Flowers, sailboats, you decide what a fun game you’d like to watch.  Your brain is so smart.  It figures out the game without any extreme effort on your part.  Like life, the game is: move forward smoothly into your future.  Don’t get stuck in your past.  Don’t freeze in the present.  Just keep the movie running.  And as your brain figures out the game, which is to observe and hold the thought a fraction of a second longer, and enjoy the visual ride from one scene to another, then you are rewarded. 

On my state of the art system, this reward is not annoying in the least.  It’s a soft little reassuring ding, like when the elevator takes you to the desired floor.  I watch your readouts, and adjust the reward level throughout your 30 minute treatment.  Your brain’s timing mechanism works best in the range of 70% to 80%, so I tweak things to gently scootch you into performing in that optimal range.
If you or a friend have questions, please read more.  While my new website is being built, there is much to read at  Do you think you are ready for a brain tuneup?  913/647-8092


Lauren King   MA, LCMFT, Neurotherapist
"Your brain.  Better."

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Welcome to Lauren King's new blog: NeuroTalkKC -- do you want a GPS system for your brain?

Welcome, just to people with brains!  
Especially those who want "Their brain, better."  That's where I come in.

I am Lauren King, a licensed clinical therapist with offices near 135th and Metcalf.  To quote from the greeters at our hometown Gates BBQ, "Hi, may I help you?"

I used to only do what I was originally trained to do: Talk Therapy.  But now I offer what I have come to believe are the top two of three basic forms of brain therapy:  NeuroFeedback, and Talk Therapy.  In other words, I am not a psychiatrist, so I do not perform the third recognized popular form of brain therapy: medication.  I do not write scrips or dispense medications to alter brain function.

The reason I am so excited to be also offering NeuroFeedback is--I discovered it worked best for me, following a car accident where I was T-boned in a parking lot.  I had seizures, still do.  And the best and in fact the only thing that has appeared to work for me is--NeuroFeedback.

It also works on dozens of other conditions, chronic ones including ADHD.  More on that in subsequent posts.  Please subscribe via the new website,, which will be working by mid September.  

Why is NeuroFeedback the new GPS solution for many brains?
If you were driving and encountered a detour, the modern way to navigate is to turn on your phone to Google Maps (or Garmin, made in Olathe, pretty cool, huh.)  And the GPS would REROUTE YOU --navigate you to a shorter or better route.  Well, that's exactly what NeuroFeedback does.  

I liken NF to GPS for the detoured, confused or misdirected brain.  Painless, 30 minute treatments.  After I determine which sectors will respond to treatment, I tape electrodes to select parts of your scalp (no shaving, I promise!).  You watch your choice of 20 pleasant sailboats or flowers that morph from one scene to the next.  

So then what happens?  Somehow your brain loves to reroute around a detour. 


GPS link broken for now

Your brain connects in new ways and wires a new neural pathway without your efforting at all.  As your concentration grows, you are 'rewarded' by pleasant dings.  And the 'game'  is to increase your ding score in each session.  I give you a report card to complete between sessions, to help you notice any better outcomes, or report any stresses or changes in your life.  , until you find yourself thinking better and making better decisions or accomplishing your goals with greater ease.  

Is this a forever thing?  No.
Usually two sessions a week is optimal.  For a finite number of sessions, usually between 20 and 100.  So it's not like eternal meds.  Once the brain has embraced the better route, you don't need to continue with NeuroFeedback.

How can you reach me?
Lauren King
Resonate Relationship Clinic 
7381 W 133rd St # 260, Overland Park, KS 66213
(913) 647-8092

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Lauren King, MA, LCMFT, Neurotherapist
"Your brain.  Better."